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VersionTracker Pro monitors the version status of installed drivers and
3rd-party applications on your Windows systems and then shows you when
new updates are available.


VersionTracker Pro also provides you with a detailed de******ion about each update to help you make informed decisions and will download and automatically install the updates you choose to apply.

Feature Summary:

Installed software & driver tracking - lists of your installed software and drivers that automatically refresh when you install a new program, device, update, or upgrade.

Feedback Alerts - VersionTracker Pro will alert you when feedback is posted on any application you are interested in following, whether you have them installed or not.

Search - a comprehensive database of over 198,000 drivers & applications.

Download History - a record of the driver and application updates you've downloaded and installed.

Preview Pane - provides product details including "what'
s new" in the latest version.

Skip Version - skip an update and still be notified about the next release.

Download Manager - queues multiple downloads for optimum speed and provides automatic retries.

New Uninstall feature for your Software - From within the VersionTracker Pro application you can uninstall any application that is in the operating system Control Panel's "
Add or Remove Programs" section (Windows XP and Windows 2000) or "Uninstall or change a program" section (Windows Vista).

For more information go to: [ ]
What's new in this version:
Updates to version 4.1 include the following: improvements to free
trial scan so users have to ability to click through the interface and
view information on individual software and drivers that are out of
date; improved matching with Dell configurations - more accurately
identifies Dell hardware specifications to refine scan results; and
fixing a bug that would cause version 4.0 to crash when applications
containing Unicode characters were scanned.
Operating System Requirements:

This product is designed to run on the following operating systems:
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000




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