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ATI CATALYST 5.12 WHQL Drivers For Windows 2000/XP



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This unified driver has been further enhanced to provide the highest
level of power, performance, and reliability. The ATI CATALYST software
suite is the ultimate in performance and stability.
The drivers provided below are qualified for use under Windows XP
Professional and Windows XP Home editions. For Windows XP Media Center
Edition, we provide CATALYST display drivers for certified and
compatible RADEON products.

The Catalyst software suite 5.12 contains the following:
- Radeon display driver 8.201
- Multimedia Center 9.08
- HydraVision 3.25.0006
- HydraVision Basic Edition 3.25.9006
- Remote Wonder 3.02
- WDM Driver Install Bundle
- Southbridge/IXP Driver
- Catalyst Control Center Version 5.12

***Powerful Performance
-Consistent performance improvements
-ATI OVERDRIVE, ATIs new solution that optimizes graphics processor performance.
***Advanced Stability
-Industry's most stable 3D acceleration software
-Fully supported by ATIs Customer Care program
-VPU RECOVER significantly reduces the number of system crashes caused by graphics hardware hangs.
-SMARTGART determines and dynamically adjusts AGP bus settings to ensure maximum stability
***Innovative Features
-SMARTSHADER effects support the latest and most realistic pixel shader effects in Direct3D and OpenGL applications
-Unified Direct 3D and OpenGL control panel provides full control over performance and image quality settings
-Gamers can now use personal game profiles
-HYDRAVISION Basic Edition provides a new, easy-to-use interface to configure and manage multiple monitors
-The eRecord feature provides a mechanism for software components to
output error messages. A new System Messages (Event Viewer) menu has
been added to the CATALYST CONTROL CENTER System Tray. This launches
the Event Viewer, providing a mechanism for users to view the error
- Enhanced HDTV support. The HDTV user interface has been significantly
modified, making it much easier to select and configure the correct
resolution for your HDTV when using the Component Video or DVI
connection. The Displays Manager wizard has also been updated to assist
users in setting up and configuring Component Video HDTV for the
optimal viewing experience.

1 - ATI recommends Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher to be installed

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2. You must have Microsoft .NET Framework nstalled prior to downloading and installing the Catalyst Control Center

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Download Full Catalyst Control Center Package

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All Downloads from ATI website

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